Legalism Verses Lawlessness


         This is our original study book. It is an in depth, step by step examination of the foundations upon which Modern Christianity is based. This book from it’s very beginning, over two decades ago, assumes that the average reader would be a person with a Christian background. This book moves it’s way through most of the basic points of Modern Christianity, often bringing many of these points of theology into a new crisp clarity of focus. All of these points are laid out in a very simple and basic way. Religious concepts are portrayed slowly and gradually. When some verses are shown to be mis-translated in the English Versions, the proper translations are often found to be astounding to those who wish to follow the True Original intent of the Bible. Different points of Christian Theology and their interrelationships begin to gradually snow ball in scope and depth. Each chapter is building upon the one before. So that the reader can easily follow and understand, when read in order. Some previous readers did not totally agree with the premises in the book. Even so, many of them have said, they were provoked into doing more in depth Bible Study, than most had done in many years. So, whether you find yourself agreeing or not with the book’s premises, we will be pleased if you are also stirred to action, to see whether or not it is so. Hopefully you too will find yourself being stimulated into doing more frequent and in depth Bible Studies.

Legalism – Versus – Lawlessness, is a 140 page book, with more then 700 scripture verses used throughout its pages. With additional references made to Strong’s Concordance and other reference books, it also has a number of illustrations as well.

  Table of Content

Currently the book Legalism verses Lawlessness is under review and revision

for its forthcoming re-release.

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